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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips

    • Prior To Fitting, The Threads Of Nuts and 'U' Bolts Should Be Well Greased

    • The Spacing Between The Grip Should Be At Least Six Times The Diameter Of Rope 

    • Ensure Grips Are Correctly Orientated. The 'U' Bolt Should Always Be Placed On The Unloaded End Of The Rope.

    • Tighten Each Nut Evenly and In Turn To Achieve The Recommended Setting.

    • Leave Unused For 24 Hours and Check Torque Setting Again. In Some Cases, a 50% Loss Of Torque Has Been Recorded Over This Period. Re-Tighten To Correct Torque 

    • After First Application Of The Load. Check Torque Setting Again and Re-Set If Necessary.

    • During Service Ensure, Ensure Periodic Checking Of Torque Setting

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