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Heavy duty close mesh skip nets made from a 200gsm PE netting. Made in house by our own Tarpaulin manufacturing division PGS Supplies. Available in a range of industry sizes e.g 12ft x 9ft, 15ft x 9ft, 24ft x 12ft etc. Skip nets come complete with a PVC reinforced hem/eyelets & option to have rope ties or bungee cord fastenings.

Close Mesh Skip Nets - Bespoke

    • 11ft x 8ft
    • 12ft x 9ft
    • 15ft x 10ft
    • 18ft x 12ft
    • 13ft x 10ft
    • 16ft x 12ft
    • 18ft x 10ft
    • 21ft x 10ft
    • 24ft x 12ft
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