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  • Antiluce pin fasteners have a vast range of uses and ideal for trailer tail gates, horse boxes lorry side panels. The rotating end allows you to thread through an object and then lock it into place - bottom nut allows you to tighten and secure.
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Weld-able options
  • Plated or self colour

Anti Luce Pins

  • ALP0840 8mm x 40mm Zinc Plated

    ALP0845 8mm x 45mm Self Colour

    ALP0857 8mm x 57mm Zinc Plated

    ALP0877 8mm x 77mm Self Colour

    ALP12101 12mm x 101.5mm Zinc Plated

    ALP1212 12mm x 12mm Self Colour

    ALP1225 12mm x 25mm Self Colour

    ALP1235 12mm x 35mm Self Colour

    ALP1238 12mm x 38mm Zinc Plated

    ALP1251 12mm x 51mm Zinc Plated

    ALP1259 12mm x 59mm Zinc Plated

    ALPSS0857 8mm x 57mm Stainless Steel

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