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Wire Rope Sling Assemblies - Pressing, Fused & Taper, Slings

AP Lifting offers a wide range of Wire Rope assemblies available from our Sheffield branch, all manufactured in house. With high end machinery, we have the capability to Press, Fuse & Taper, Coil, Reel, Stamp and more. The company has years of experience making Wire Rope Slings and have served clients in various industries/applications including: Lifting, Rigging, Overhead Cranes, Recovery, Theatrical, Leisure & more.

Wire Rope Slings and assemblies made to specification include but are not limited to the following:

  • Slings 1,2,3,4 Leg

  • Recovery Winch Ropes

  • Wire Hoist Ropes

  • Tremie Wires

  • Brush Ropes

  • Ropes 0.5mm to 52mm

  • Fuse and Tapered Ends

  • Ferrule Stopped Ends

  • Thimble and Soft Eye

  • Stainless Steel Wire 2mm - 20mm

  • Marine Grade Wires (e.g. 1x19)

  • Specialised & Compacted (e.g. 6x36)

  • Non Rotating Wires

  • PVC Coated With (Various colours)

  • Reinforced Tubing

  • Wire rope lanyards

  • Sockets (Wedge & Conical)

  • Gym Ropes (with fitting)

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